Toriko’s Over, but Are We?

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I last made a post on here. I know I apologize every time I update, and I’ll keep apologizing because of these unneeded long breaks between episodes.

As you already know, Toriko debuted it’s final chapter about a week ago. Everyone who was up to date has read the final chapter by now. It sucks that the manga is over, but we were probably dodging a bullet there. We could have ended up being like Bleach or Naruto fans with an even worse ending with unnecessary children with synchronized birthdays.

We recorded our next episode yesterday, so expect that up before the end of the month.

For the new year, seeing as holidays will eat up time for the three of us, would any of you be interested in episodes where we casually talked about pre-timeskip arcs? We already have an episode about volume one, we can always continue on from there till around volume 29 where the first “act” ends. If you think this is a good idea, send us a message!

Another idea to keep this podcast alive is simply for reminiscing about Toriko. We don’t have to go volume by volume but instead have a monthly or weekly poll deciding on what arc to discuss in the next episode!

This podcast is about two years old, so even if we end here, I’ll feel proud because we did a lot better than the only other Toriko podcast that dared to exist.


Heavenly Kings Podcast Episode 16 – Starjun is the Father of Starjun

Heavenly Kings Podcast Episode 16

Hey everyone, super duper sorry about the long wait (again.) In this episode we talk about chapters 368-377 and how things somehow got more wild than before. I think this manga is really just reaching beyond the stars to be absolutely bonkers. Instead of going chapter by chapter, we talk about the highlights of these chapters as a whole. We also try to speculate who could possibly be Toriko and Starjun’s parents.

There’s a ton of action that happens in this collection of chapters, but there is some exposition to be picked from it here and there so this episode is not that long.

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Sorry to our listeners who look forward to new episodes. Life got kinda busy in the past couple of months and I’ve been taking a while to tackle editing the next episode. In the meantime, you can send any questions, comments, or concerns to our tumblr page, our email (, or our twitter page

Thank you for listening to us talk about Toriko, and sorry again for making y’all wait so long for new episodes this year!

~~Bikki (babyinkling, previously kugipunch_)

Heavenly Kings Podcast Episode 15 -What is Even Happening ?

Heavenly Kings Podcast Episode 15

Jeez, the longer I take to put out the new podcast episode, the more nonsensical the latest chapters of Toriko become. It’s kind of ridiculous, but I shouldn’t be surprised considering that I’ve told myself that I’m in this for the long haul. I love this series, although I’m not enjoying what has been going on since it came back from break for its time skip saga.

In this episode we talk about chapters 346-367 where a lot of stuff happened. We had a flashback, we had a bunch of info about back channels and time going by slower in different places, and we learned a few things about Starjun’s family tree. One of the biggest things we learned about was Neo and Acacia. Warning, we complain quite a bit!

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Hey everyone who pays attention to this wee little podcast. I’m sorry for being so slow with updates these past few months. I was honestly going to post a new episode like a week ago only to find that the only copy of audio we had was messed up. So, we’ll be recording again soon and I’ll post the new episode before April is over.

We received a bit of feedback after the last episode, so that was really encouraging. Thank you to the small audience that we have. I appreciate you guys. Here’s hoping the manga gets back on track and cuts out all the nonsense that doesn’t align with the original nonsense that pulled us in.

Heavenly Kings Podcast Episode 14 – Ganbatte… Or Whatever.

Heavenly Kings Podcast Episode 14

Sorry for the long long wait!! This episode is pretty short! We go over chapters 343-345 and complain about how confusing the transition was between the current time frame to the flashback revealing what went down in Blue Grill after the Kings and their companions went to their respective areas of the Gourmet World. Colton gets a little passionate and I jokingly claim that I’ll go to Japan and fight Shueisha. (Please don’t take that part seriously!!) The next episode will be up a lot quicker than this one. Look forward to us talking about all the wild stuff that went down in the past 12 or 13 chapters!!

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Heavenly Kings Podcast Episode 13 – Wonder What Tom’s Doing Right Now…

Heavenly Kings Podcast Episode 13

In this episode we discuss chapters 336-342 and it’s one of those episodes where we sound like we hate this series. I promise you, that I definitely don’t. I can’t speak for the other hosts though. Anyway, this bunch of chapters made barely any sense at the time of the recording. A few things we were pondering on were proven wrong in the chapters that followed. One thing that is still weird is Toriko being able to smell information. (I wrote up a theory though, I’ll share that in the next episode.) Anyway, if you want to correct us or debate with us about what’s going on in the story as of late, feel free to send us a message on twitter, tumblr, or via email ( If you have a subject on Toriko that you’d like for us to talk about, you can send us a message as well. We don’t always have to talk about the chapters exclusively.